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Psychology, Ergonomic and Physical Activity
(Ref. HUM-957)
agosto 2018
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Lista de artículos

E. Molina, D. Sanabria Lucena, T.P. Jung and Á. Correa Torres,  "Electroencephalographic and peripheral temperature dynamics during a prolonged Psychomotor Vigilance Task", "Accident Analysis & Prevention" , -, 2018
G. Mioni, M. Capizzi, A. Vallesi, Á. Correa Torres, R. Di Giacopo and F. Stablum,  "Dissociating explicit and implicit timing in Parkinson's disease patients", "Frontiers in Human Neuroscience" , -, 2018
T. Zandonai, E. Tam, P. Bruseghini, F. Pizzolato, L. Franceschi, M. Baraldo, C. Capelli, P. Cesari and C. Chiamulera,  "The effects of oral smokeless tobacco administration on endurance performance", "Journal of Sport and Health Science" , -, 2017
B. Rodríguez Morilla, E. Estivill, C. Estivill-Domènech, J. Albares, F. Segarra, C. Manuel, M.Á. Rol and J.A. Madrid ,  "Application of machine learning methods to Ambulatory Circadian Monitoring (ACM) for the discrimination of sleep and circadian disorders", "Sleep Medicine" , vol.40, e280-e280, 2017
D. Arriscado, E. Knox, M. Zabala Díaz, F. Zurita Ortega, J.M. Dalmau and J.J. Muros Molina,  "Different healthy habits between northern and southern Spanish children", "Journal of Public Health" , vol.25, 653-660, 2017
L.F. Ciria Pérez, P. Perakakis, A. Luque Casado, C. Morato Gabao and D. Sanabria Lucena,  "The relationship between sustained attention and aerobic fitness in a group of young adults", "PeerJ" , vol.5, -, 2017
L. Passfield, J. Hopker, S. Jobson, D. Friel and M. Zabala Díaz,  "Knowledge is power: Issues of measuring training and performance in cycling.", "Journal of Sports Sciences" , vol.35, 1426-1434, 2017
Á. Correa Torres, N. Ruiz Herrera, M. Ruz Cámara, L. Tonetti, M. Martoni, M. Fabbri and V. Natale,  "Economic decision-making in morning/evening-type people as a function of time of day", "Chronobiology International" , vol.34, 139-147, 2017

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